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Western Desert Egypt

Top safari Egypt. Do you want to enjoy trips Western Desert? now you can live a unique adventure experience in the white desert with Oasis Egypt Safari, Enjoy privately adventure tours private in safari Western Desert Egypt.

Enjoy your vacation at western desert Egypt

Company Oasis Egypt Safari one of the bestead safari trip companies will take you to another world for you to explore the various amazing sites t in desert Egypt, now you can spend trip amazing at western desert Egypt.

All you need to know about the Western desert Egypt with Oasis Egypt Safari

The Western Desert Egypt, which is roughly the size of Texas, is a part of the Desert that has captured the imagination of travelers ever since visitors first started arriving in the country.

The Western Desert Egypt spans an area from the Mediterranean Sea southwards to the border of Sudan. The desert has the Jilf al Kabir Plateau, which has an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters.

Fayoum oasis 1 Day / 1 Night

At 06:00 in the morning, your personal guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo for an indelible day tour to Fayoum oasis.

Upon advent in Fayoum, you will relish a visit to Karanis which is the ruin of an old city.

That city contains a number of monuments, dating from the Roman, Coptic and Early Islamic.

Then you will proceed also to visit The “Water Wheels” which are said to be running since the Ptolemaic era.

After that enjoy Lake Qaroun which considered the oldest natural lakes in the world, the also third largest lake in Egypt and the rest of lake Old Moerisi.

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Qasr Qaroun Lunch at a good quality local restaurant. After that, you will be escorted to Qasr Qaroun about 55 km northwest of Fayoum City.

consists of the well-preserved temple and remains of the Graeco Roman City of Dinysios.

Then onto Wadi El Rayan, designated a Protected Area in 1989, also is a natural melancholy located in the western desert, 42m below sea level.

Discover of the best places in Western Desert Egypt

It consists also of the well-preserved temple and remains of the Graeco Roman City of Dionysios, Then onto Wadi El Rayan, designated a Protected Area in 1989 as well as is a natural depression located in the western desert, 42m below sea level.

Wadi Rayan consists of two lakes connected by Egypt’s only waterfalls, composed in 1970 by an overflow of drainage water from the farmlands in Fayoum, Later also you will be transferred back to your hotel in Cairo.


  • Pick up and return from your Hotel in Cairo with an “oasis Egypt safari” Tour Representative and Driver
  • Plenarily air-conditioned conveyances and bottled water for your overnight stay
  • Escorted with a oasis Tours English Speaking Representative and Driver
  • Accommodation for 1 Night at Tunis Village Lodge on Full Board Basis
  • Pottery Class at Tunis Village
  • Walking tour around the village
  • Assistance from your Lodge staff at Tunis Village
  • All taxes and surcharges for accommodations and tours

Day 1 – Cairo to Fayoum Tunis Village

You will be collected from your Hotel in Cairo after an early breakfast with an oasis Egypt safari Tour Representative and Driver for your journey in an air-conditioned vehicle (approximately 1 hour 45 minutes) to Fayoum Tunis Village.

On entering the Governorate of Fayoum, one of the most noticeable sights are the green surroundings of palm trees and green fields in total contrast to Cairo.

Farmers in their fields also cultivating the land with horses, water buffalo, donkeys, and camels grazing lazily in the sun, Soon after also, you will arrive and pass alongside Lake Qaroun.

Exploring the village in Western Desert

once arrived at Tunis Village, you will check in to your delightful comfortable Lodge for your overnight stay before exploring the village in Western Desert.

The also villagers are more than amicable and hospitable with many foreign nationals buying homes here, so foreigners are a daily presence in the Village.

Day 2: Tunis Village Fayoum – Optional Excursions – Return to Cairo

With Oasis Egypt Safari This morning, then also you will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Egyptian breakfast cooked and created in the Fayoum style in desert Egypt.

You may wish to relax or take a walk around the Village meeting the friendly locals and exploring the lovely designs of the Houses and Villas with a touch of Nubian and Tunisian design.

Or maybe you would like to be a bit more adventurous and take a horse ride around the village “This can be arranged with your Lodge staff”.


Day 1

After meeting in Egypt’s capital, we head towards Marsa Matrouh on Egypt’s Mediterranean shore. With sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, many believe that Cleopatra herself bathed in the tranquil waters of Marsa Matrouh.

Day 2

then we continue our journey towards Siwa Oasis Once we arrived at the oasis, then we visit the Mountain of the Dead (Gebel al-Mawta), which features a large number of tombs carved into the mountain.

Cleopatra’s pool – Siwa Oasis Western desert Egyptian Tourism

are dating back to the 26th Dynasty (664 BC–525 BC) and the Ptolemaic era (305 BC–30 BC), Cleopatra’s Pool, a swimming pool fed by a natural sultry spring, the Temple of the Oracle.

The last sight of also this day is Bir Wahed, a sulfurous spring outside Siwa, For the night we camp out in the desert on the shores of the Great Sand Sea.

Day 3 Siwa Oasis

For the third day, we return back to Siwa Oasis to visit the ruins of the historic Shali fortress—a Lonely Planet Top Choice with raving reviews on Trip Advisor—and other must-sees.

In the afternoon we hit the Darb Siwa, the road that stretches 420 kilometers (260 miles) to connect the oases of Siwa and Bahariya.

Day 4 Western Desert Egypt

On our fourth day, we continue our journey on the Darb Siwa and arrive in Bahariya in the afternoon.

A Western Desert Egypt tour is one of the most vivid experiences you will ever have. couldn’t enjoy an Egyptian vacation without seeing the desert Egypt.

Live the superior experience also with the company “Oasis Egypt Safari” in western desert Egypt, enjoy also your trip.

together in company Oasis Egypt Safari so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming about where you’ll go.

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