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White desert Egypt

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White Desert charming

The ((White desert Egypt)) best escape anyone can have, Company Oasis Egypt Safari offers Tours Package to Desert Egypt Travel.

“where you will be able to explore and live Adventure and relaxing” with company Oasis Egypt Safari

will see the beauty in the ((safari white desert)) is notable for the rock formations.

((white desert Egypt)) of course, it is a place of great beauty also.

we also find At ((Bahariya Oasis Safari)) has at least two well-again preserved underground tombs that may be visited.

live Now the adventure and relaxation in the white desert of Egypt

Crystal mountain


((There are no settlements), so people coming out here do it as part of an also organized trip.

The also organizers will provide for all practicalities unless otherwise has been agreed upon, Hotels, restaurants and tour operators are in Bahariya or Farafra also.

Going Next

  • 90 km southwest: Farafra
  • 45 km south: White Desert10 km east: Agabat
  • 110 km northeast: Black Desert
  • 160 km northeast: Bahariya

White desert Over Day tour

then start the desert tour by first stop in ((crystal mountain)) then after seeing the crystal stone and the also beautiful aria.

then going to see one of the best also places of course in the ((White desert safari national park)), then besides (Agabat) with a White desert safari trip.

Agabat has very nice pictures also in a very nice view, then going to see the magical place of the ((white desert Egypt)).

then start by mushroom rook information then drive inside also the desert to see more rook information ((chicken and camel and rabbit))

subsequently, We will return with “Oasis Egypt Safari“, to Bedouin village have lunch in cold spring.

then going back to stop in “the black desert the back to bahariya oasis” than to Cairo.



((Desert Egypt Travel)) Egypt, of course, has been a healing destination since ancient times thanks to it’s also sunny and dry climate.

The ((desert Egypt)) is also ideal for treatments such as sand bathing and therapeutic dips in hot springs.

White desert Egypt, sands have proven qualities that rejuvenate arthritis and rheumatic pains, Egypt has affluent therapeutic environments that magnetize people from around the world

with Oasis Egypt Safari tours enjoy it sand, climate, natural mineral water, and sulphuric springs that cure numerous bone, muscle, kidney, skin and stomach disease

Best Safari Tours In Egypt

With our company ((Oasis Egypt Safari)) Plan your trip around your needs to mix a healthy balance of sightseeing and relaxation, choose a wellness spa resort.

Egyptian spas are located throughout Egypt but some also of the best are found in Cairo and the “Red Sea Riviera resorts“.

((Wellness spa resorts cater to your every desire and need to provide also world-class facilities and treatments)).

Safari Egypt tours

Egypt’s spas also offer locally made natural products and treatments, of course, that build on centuries of health and wellness practices then Relish tours in the ((Safari White desert)).

TÜV Rheinland, the Best Health International Certificate for quality in spa and wellness tourism, has already recognized a few of “Egypt’s Spas that meet the highest wellness and health international standards”.

Free your mind and body in an unforgettable Egyptian spa experience. ((With our company the best tourism companies in Egypt)).

Choose a wellness spa resort. Get now the best Desert Egypt Travel with the company “Oasis Egypt SafariThe largest tourism company in Egypt.

Spanning over 2000 sq. km. the Bahariya Oasis is a lush haven set in the midst of an unforgiving desert and surrounded by black hills made of quartz.

The Oasis is home to astonishing ruins, of course, such as the Temple of Alexander the Great, besides beauteously painted Ptolemaic tombs and also archaic churches.

The recent discovery of the golden mummies, the pride of Bawiti Museum today, turned the oasis’ main town, into a tourist magnet.

and its proximity to the ((Black Desert)) have earned Bahariya a high rank on the tourist map of Egypt.

Now Go for a short hike up to the mountains of safari Bahariya Oasis for an aerial view of the oasis, dunes and great sunsets.

Visit ancient Egyptian and Graeco-Roman sites, such as the ((Tomb of Banentiu)) haggle with the locals for a scarf or a rug also.

enjoy also a moment of solitude among wildlife, then relax again in the hot waters of the Bir Sigam hot spring also, of course, options in Bahariya are wider than you can imagine.

People from Arab countries come to the area of Desert Egypt Travel in summer for treatment. Temperatures in ” bahariya Oasis” can reach up to 35-45 C in summer

Best White Desert Safari Tours In Egypt

The White Desert Egypt is part of the Western Desert of Egypt of course, then makes you feel like you tarevelled back in time to stone ages again Pure beauty in its most marvelous way.

this trip designed For those who like Adventure to set in the center of desert Egypt. with us Company ((Oasis Egypt Safari)) you will reconnoiter The magic of nature.

camp white desert safari

where you will be able to relax in the paradise of Safari desert at night where A sky full of stars and music, enjoyment natural bliss charm. has located 45 km (28 mi) north of the town of Farafra.

A fantastic gleaming landscape in western Egypt, located stretches over 300 sq.km west of the Farafra Oasis between the Nile Delta Valley and the Libyan border.

We are in a company Oasis Egypt Safari We have a large number of safari trips, For information about the trips to the White Desert Egypt And others. Click here

White Desert in Egypt:

Anytime is a good time to visit the White Desert.

White Desert Egypt is made up of calcium rock formations that have been shaped by hundreds of years of sandstorms.

Some even call White Desert Egypt an “outdoor museum of contemporary art”.

Here in White Desert Egypt, it is common to see figures such as a sphinx, a person lying on the sand, a mushroom, a camel, or a chicken.

White Desert Egypt has not been made for tourism development at all.

There are no tourist facilities in White Desert Egypt, vendors trying to sell you something you do not need in White Desert Egypt, or even bathrooms to use in White Desert Egypt.

Everything we take to White Desert Egypt; we must bring it back to Cairo.

You are really in the middle of nature in White Desert Egypt.

Visiting the White Desert is a unique experience that everyone visiting Egypt should at least live on once.

What to bring on a tour to the White Desert in Egypt?

  1. you should bring (hiking shoes) to the White Desert Egypt.

2. you should bring (long hiking pants) to White Desert Egypt.

3. you should bring (warm clothes (Jacket, beanie, gloves) to the White Desert of Egypt.

4. you should bring (a headlamp) to White Desert Egypt.

5. you should bring (toilet Paper) to White Desert Egypt.

5. you should bring a power bank (there is not a single spot with electricity during the whole tour in White Desert Egypt).

6. you should bring (water … lots of water) to White Desert Egypt.

you should bring (Snacks (energy bars, fruits, chocolates) to the White Desert of Egypt.

When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt’s the White Desert?

Egypt’s the White Desert experiences a hot desert climate. Visit from October to March for the most pleasant weather.

Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit Egypt’s the White Desert.

During this time, the sun lights the formations in orange and pink hues in White Desert Egypt.

If you decide to spend the night in White Desert Egypt, a full moon offers a ghostly Arctic appearance too.

Is the White Desert in Egypt safe for female travelers?

we look after you on your tour to White Desert Egypt.

You will be transferred in a private transfer from Cairo to White Desert Egypt.

Then, taken around in a Jeep through White Desert Egypt.

Everything was tailored to make you feel comfortable During your tour in the white desert of Egypt.

Why You Should Visit Egypt’s the White Desert This Year?

Located in the isolated Farafra Oasis, just a few hours from the busy streets of Cairo lies the magical landscape of Egypt’s the White Desert.

White Desert Egypt is one of the most unique sites one could set eyes on.

The White Desert Egypt has fascinating calcium rock formations that resemble great abstract and alien statues.

White Desert Egypt represents an open museum of geology, paleontology, and natural history.

The White Desert of Egypt form by centuries of erosion and sandstorms.

 As you sit at a camp at night, seeing the stars of White Desert Egypt will be an experience never forgotten.