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Our Story

Oasis Egypt Safari is owned and Managed By Tourism Expertise, Consultants and Advisor Tour Guides, and professionals on Travel Industry for many years to offer the best affordable travel services.

Oasis Egypt Safari has a Multilingual-team of 14 main languages and more than 75 tourist Guides with official degrees in Archeology and Egyptology. Our Expert teamwork with 15+ years of experience in the Tourism Business is here to offer you an assortment of services, Organization trips for groups and individuals, Tour guides, Hotel reservations, Transfers, and Tailor Made packages, and we kept current relative to changes in the Tourism Market to become Pioneer in our fields.

Our Mission

Oasis Egypt Safari is here to provide support to Travel Lovers and make sure our customers will get unforgettable Memories and Moments while visiting Egypt and even after return, as you’ll find unbeatable Activities for all ages and interests, so whichever tour activity you are thinking we help you select your destination and tailor it to match your budget and travel style with the best facilities and standards, Quality is our top priority and your satisfaction is our aim.

Our tours and travel services are based on the highest quality levels, safety, and comfort at the most affordable prices. Our professional customer service is ready 24/7 whenever needed to make sure all your requests are accommodated promptly and organize your holiday Hassle-free to make your dream journey come true. Looking forward to the Best Hospitality experience, we put our customer Service at the Heart of Everything believing that a happy customer is the core of every business.

For more personalized Holidays in Egypt, feel free to book online, or contact us for Tailor-made trips made by you and for you.

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