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Black and White desert

Experience Well worth the adventure

The “Black and white desert” site is gorgeous and you may have the sensation of being on another planet. wiki safari.

Live the superior experience at “Black and White desert” relish your trip you can spend less time searching and time dreaming about where you’ll go.


Now Explore the good and new Life in the Black and White desert

Black and White’s desert is the best place in Desert guide in Egypt anyone can have with Company “Oasis Egypt Safari“, you will be able to explore and live Adventure and relaxing.

Black and White desert It is the best place for anyone to go with the company “Oasis Egypt Safari” there will be plenty of activities that you can do over there and enjoy your time to the maximum.


Enjoy your trip to Black and White desert

The also “black desert” is worth the visit, with company Oasis Egypt Safari as it shows also dozens of extinct volcanoes where the stones of lava are still there to be seen.

The White Desert is part of the Western Desert of Egypt, which makes you feel like you traveled back in time to stone ages again. Pure beauty in its most marvelous way.

Now you can spend the trip amazing the White desert

Perhaps the most beautiful of Egypt’s natural destinations in the White Desert, a national park of white calcium rock formations in the safari White Desert.

The area around the White Desert is full of interesting geological formations like the “crystal mountain, the Black Desert,” and the salt lake Lake Marun.

Best Safari Tours In Egypt”Wiki safari”

The White Desert, which was designated a protected area in 2002, occupies a surface area of around 3,000 km2 On the road from Farafra and the Bahariya Oasis, we were lost amid fairy tale rock formation in the White Desert.

The Desert Egypt Camping safaris, Egyptian safari holiday and best the superior oasis Egypt safari looking for a great adventure Deluxe Travel Egypt is offering you Egypt. The safari tour offers a breathtaking landscape, and massive sand dunes.

White desert – 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1

After arriving at Desert Egypt – bahariya oasis start to go to the black desert and go to the Bedouin village we will have our lunch in the cold spring.

after that, we will be going to Crystal mountain and Al agabat desert then to the white desert to see rabbit rook and go camping in the white desert and have dinner under of million stars


Day 2Black and White desert

See the sunrise and take breakfast and go to see chicken and mushroom rook then go to the hot spring then back to bahariya oasis and Cairo

Crystal mountain


There are no settlements, so people coming out here do it as part of an organized trip. The organizers will provide for all practicalities unless otherwise has been agreed upon. Hotels, restaurants, and tour operators are in Bahariya or Farafra.

Going Next

90 km southwest: Farafra

45 km south: White Desert

10 km east: Agabat

110 km northeast: Black Desert

160 km northeast: Bahariya


BLACK DESERT Windblown and volcanic

Wiki safari the Black Desert is a region of volcano-shaped mountains with large voluminous quantities of minuscule Black stones.

The stones lie out across the “orange-brown” ground so that it is not quite as black as many people may hope for.

Especially after visiting the “White Desert“, which has a formation that is really white, many will imagine a desert as dramatic as this.

Climbing one of the many soft peeks, the view from the top is really nice, with similar peeks continuing on into the haze. Practicalities


Day 1: Alamein & Siwa Oasis

then our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo, then drive to Alamein, about 3 hours driving.

At El Alamein, with the company “Oasis Egypt Safari” you will enjoy the site of a great battle during WW II, and visit the WW II Museum and Cemetery.

Then drive also on to the beautiful bay of “Marsa Matrouh” on the Mediterranean Coast and continue to Siwa It is about 05 hours drive from Alamein to Siwa. Dinner & Overnight in Siwa.

Day 2: Siwa Oasis

Breakfast also at the hotel then enjoy the visit to the Old City of Siwa, then continue to Visit The tombs inside Gebel al Mawta ( the Dead Mountain ) where you can see man tombs like SI Amon, MSW Isis, Crocodile Tombs.

Then transfer Abu Sherouf, one of the Siwa Villages to enjoy the Bedouin style life and enjoy the Roman Spring eye and handcraft.

Live the imaginable Sunset at Alawsut lake then Back to your hotel Dinner and overnight.Wiki safari.

Day 3: Temple Of Alexander, Cleopatra Bath

Breakfast at the hotel, visit the Temple of Alexander(the oracle temple) where he is known as the son of the deity of Amun, Cleopatra bath an antique natural spring, and the Temple of Aghormi, dedicated to the God Amon- 26 Dynasty, Lunch is included.

After that transfer to see the Siwa House Museum, Then another recommended Sunset view at most of the guide books at Fitnas Lake.wiki safari.

Day 4: Abu Ali Village/Tomb of Alexander the Great

Breakfast at the hotel, Then start our journey at the Siwa Desert start first with Abu Ali Village where is the Tomb of Alexander the great exists there near to the place he knew that he is the son of the God Amoun Ra.

Cross the desert to stop near one of unique archeology sign at “Great Siwa Mountain” where is the first human footprint above the mountain which date to pre-history era.

Continue our Safari tour between the dunes till we arrive at the fossils area and see the rocky coral reefs which date to Cambrian era the drive to One of the spring eyes in the middle of the desert ( Shitta Lake) and it is a good chance to watch the Flamenco birds.

Then Lunch will be served it is a chance to enjoy the sand surfing in the desert before we go also swimming in the cold spring eye and enjoy the bath and relaxing atmosphere.

it is the time also to drive to another spring eyes the hot spring eye for chilling and tranquilizing our Muscles.

Ending our day with watching the Sunset at the desert with the Bedouins Tea – Drive back to your hotel – Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Back to Cairo

“After breakfast, transfer to your hotel in Cairo and overnight”.

We are in a company “Oasis Egypt Safari” We have a large number of safari trips, For information about the trips to the Black desert and White desert And others Click here.





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