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Western Desert Trips | Western desert safari in Egypt

The Western Desert of Egypt comprises two-thirds of the surface of the ground of Egypt

the rocky plateau slopes gradually northeastward to the first of the depressions that are a special feature of the Western Desert of Egypt that

Further north is the oases of Al-Farāfirah and Al-Baḥriyyah.

Northwestward from the latter, the plateau continues to fall toward the Qattara Depression which is uninhabited and virtually impassable by new vehicles.

West of the Qattara Depression and nigh the Libyan fringe is the largest and most populous oasis, that of Siwa.

Western Desert OF Egypt has it all

breathtaking landscapes, fossilized creatures, beautiful oases, towering mountains,

prehistoric caves, ancient Egyptian temples, hot and cold springs, and rich, vibrant cultures.

The magic of the Western Desert of Egypt

is believed to have energy, from which mystics have towed, upon in their search for edification.

Moreover, Siwa salt lakes are known for having natural medicinal properties

they contain an unusually high salt concentration, which Bedouin people have used to nurse their wounds over the centuries.

A way to start in Cairo and end Luxor forms a loop out of the four phases orient of the Nile Valley.

The desert is nearly always bone dry, but it is actually not lacking in water.

Bahariyya, Farafra, Dakhla, and Kharga Oasis, linked by the highway that loops through the desert between Luxor and Cairo

the abundant water here fueled agricultural projects of surprising size

the western desert of Egypt Bahariya oasis is the most popular with visitors,

use it as a starting point for desert camping expeditions to the surreal White Desert and the Great Sand Sea, given its vicinity, to Cairo

The other oases are minimal common, but they offer an adventure to the traveler implementing to get as far off of the beaten route,

as potential and each of them offers several delightful vestigial residues from the pharaonic or Greco-Roman periods.

Outside influence in Siwa has increased since a road was built linking it to the coast in the 1980s,

but it remains a singularly unique place, famous for its warm springs and huge groves of olives and date palms.

The travel to Siwa is long but will be well merit the effort is given to enjoy the unique witchcraft of the oases

with the remains of an ancient fortress metropolis, salt lakes and freshwater springs, palm groves, and the surrounding sand.

Cities in the Western Desert of Egypt

Bahariya Oasis | Western Desert | Oasis Egypt safari

the Bahariya Oasis is a lush haven set in the midst of an unforgiving desert and enclitic by black hills made of quartz.

 The Oasis is home to amazing ruins, the recent discovery of the golden mummies,

the pride of Bawiti Museum today, turned the oasis’ main town, into a tourist magnet.

Go for a short hike up to the mountains of Bahariya for an aerial view of the oasis, dunes, and great sunsets. Your options in Bahariya are wider than you can imagine.

People from Arab countries come to the zone of the Western desert of Egypt in summer for treatment.

Dakhla Oasis| Western Desert Tours

The Dakhla Oasis is considered to be one of the most attractive oases in Egypt.

The oasis boasts over 500 hot springs, including Bir Tarfaoui and Bir Al-Gebel Hot

SpringStroll along the narrow streets and alleyways of the old town with a guide,

haggle with local traders, or go cycling in Mut and tour the area at your own pace.

In Dakhla, you can also indulge a desert sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing

People visit Dakhla oasis for a relaxing spa holiday at Al Tarfa Lodge or treatment in the western desert.

Farafra Oasis and its hidden gems

The most secluded oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt,

Farafra is the approaching oasis to the White Desert,

a desert dreamscape populated with uncommon chalky rock formations.

During your stay, you’ll also have the range to see local arts and crafts

Desert western Safari Gilf El-Kebir National Park

The Gilf El-Kebir is a sandstone plateau located in the southwest corner of the Western Desert of Egypt.

You’ll find ancient rock art in Shaw’s cave, and El-Mestikawy cave depicting several types of cattle that attest to a wetter period in prehistoric times.

It is advisable to visit Gilf El-Kebir in the cooler months of the year, from October to May.

around Kharga Oasis | Western Desert Tours

is the biggest and most populated oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt.

It is also the most sophisticated oasis thanks to governmental efforts supporting the modernization of the Western Desert of Egypt oases.

Kharga can thus be believed as a quixotic target for an exciting safari into the Western Desert of Egypt.

Not far from Kharga, you’ll have the opportunity to explore very old Coptic landmarks such as the Necropolis of Al-Bagawat and Deir Al-Kashef Monastery.

9 Ways to Enjoy Egypt’s Siwa Oasis

next an outspread propel through the barren landscape of the Western Desert of Egypt, you won’t believe your eyes when you reach Siwa for the headmost time.

See an Edenic island full of mineral springs, salt lakes, and everlasting Olive and Palm groves.

enterprising travelers will also get their solve of joy and thrilling by heading for a safari into the major sand sea or trying out quad biking in the Western Desert of Egypt.

It is advisable to visit Siwa and any other the Western Desert of Egypt destinations in the cooler months of the year, from October to April.

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