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Discover and Have fun with the magic of the Egyptian desert

the magic of the Egyptian desert with oasis safari Egypt

Discover the magic of the Egyptian desert with oasis safari Egypt, have a look at our Egypt oasis safari Egypt to the western desert Egypt of Siwa oasis,

Bahariya and white desert Egypt to enjoy desert safari life

With our safari desert Egypt, find the excellence and quietness of the desert

visit the Bedouins and spots where strange sands seem white, dark, and all shades of red.

Visit stunningly delightful desert gardens and go through evenings setting up camp underneath the desert sky.

with desert, Egypt safari

desert Egypt safari

spends a night camping under the stars, Visit Egypt’s five oases (Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, and Siwa),

the Great Sand Sea, Djara Cave, and all the valley of whales in Fayoum oasis.

We offer these outings with 4×4, camel, journeying or climbing, reflection visits, or a mix.

White desert Egypt tours with oasis safari Egypt

Appreciate stunning visits to the white desert of Egypt, A night under the stars in the white desert Egypt is an encounter will always remember.

As the sky turns pink and then the deepest fiery orange, the shapes of the rocks fade, and silence is everywhere.

Relax around a fire in the White desert 

Lounging around a little fire and partaking in the most straightforward dinner of chicken, rice, and vegetables, you will feel like nothing has at any point tasted so great.

In the event that the moon is close to full, the white chalk rock shapes sparkle frightfully,

similar to phantoms in the dimness under a sky actually loaded up with splendid stars and there is no requirement for counterfeit lights.

white desert Egypt is a spot is a really supernatural 

The silence is immense in Egypt’s white desert Egypt and there is a tendency to illusions like walking on Mars.

A white desert Egypt is a spot is a really supernatural encounter, You should do during your outing to Egypt

Fayoum trips with oasis Egypt safari

We offer various excursions to Fayoum Oasis, you can do one road trip or overnight outing to El Fayoum to find this excellent desert spring

Location Fayoum Oasis

 The Fayoum is found not exactly 100 kilometers from Cairo and with its rich legacy of verdure and prehistoric studies, is one of the most beautiful and fertile regions of Egypt.

Fayoum Oasis is a nature reserve

 in addition, it includes two areas declared as protected by the Egyptian Government in a famous oasis: Lake Qarun and Wadi Rayan National Parks in the western desert of Egypt.

The Fayoum is divided into six administrative centers of which the chief towns are Madinat

al-Fayoum, Tamiya, Sinnuris, Ibshawai, Yusuf al Siddiq,

and Its – comprising approximately 157 villages and 1565 hamlets with a population of more than 3 million inhabitants. the total surface of 4678 sq. a

The Western Desert Egypt and Oasis

Over two-thirds of Egypt is covered by the Western Desert in Egypt.

Starting the western desert of Egypt at the west bank of the Nile the desert extends west to Libya and south to Sudan

framing part of the immense breadth of the Sahara Desert that stretches across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

Extension of the Western desert

The western desert of Egypt is almost consistently very dry, however, it is really not ailing in water.

The Western Desert of Egypt street starting in Cairo and finishing Luxor frames a circle through the four desert gardens east of the Nile Valley.

Further toward the west and surprisingly more disengaged is Siwa Oasis and Fayoum is conformed to a lake nearer to the Nile Valley.

These regions have long and rich narratives that date back to antiquated occasions.

Culture in Western desert

Today The Western Desert of Egypt and Oasis are much smaller, but they still support a unique culture and some of the most active archeological sites in Egypt featured

by the revelation of an enormous Middle Kingdom graveyard known as the Valley of the Golden Mummies close to Bahariyya in 1999.

Camping in the White Desert

Today, given its vicinity toward the western desert Egypt to Cairo, Bahariya Oasis is the most mainstream with guests,

who use it as a beginning stage for a desert setting up camp campaigns to the strange White Desert Egypt and the Great Sand Sea.

Different desert gardens are less regularly visited,

yet they offer an undertaking to the voyager trying to get as distant from the most common way to go as could be expected

and every one of them offers a few fascinating archeological remaining parts from the pharaonic or Greco-Roman time frames.

History of the Fayoum Oasis

Fayoum is situated in Western Desert Egypt nearer to Cairo and it is all the more firmly connected with the Nile Valley, yet it additionally has an extraordinary history.

An old city here was the focal point of political force during the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and Lake Qarun, framing

Siwa Oasis

Outside impact in Siwa has expanded since a street was assembled connecting it to the coast during the 1980s,

however, it stays an independently remarkable spot, well known for its warm springs and enormous forests of olives and date palms.

 Today the western desert of Egypt is a developing appreciation for guests looking for

a definitive unwinding and distant escape and a few lavish lodgings and eco-lodges have been worked there.

Travel to Siwa Oasis

The excursion to Siwa is long, however, will be certainly worth the work is given to partake i

n the novel fascinates the desert gardens with the remaining parts of an antiquated fortification town,

salt lakes and freshwater springs,

palm forests, and the encompassing desert.

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