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The Desert Of Egypt | Adventure in The Western Desert

Know with us in Oasis Egypt safari On the Western Desert Which covers about 700,000 square kilometers and value for about two-thirds of Egypt’s earth area.

It spans from the Mediterranean Sea south to the Sudanese border and from the Nile Riverdenewest to Libya infringe. there are seven important clips within this area these she oases Siwa, El Faiyum,

Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga. You will feel the adventure with us in Oasis Egypt safari.

The Western Desert is split between unlike governorates; in the north and west, Get to know me that on Oasis Egypt safari.

The Matrouh Governorate runs the area from the Mediterranean south and the New Valley Governorate from there to the Sudan border, while in the eastern parts of the Western Desert lies in the Giza,

Fayyum, Beni Suef, and Minya Governorates Enjoy the adventure with the Oasis Egypt safari.

Examples of some oases of the Western Desert

Enjoy Egypt’s Siwa Oasis.

Know with us in Oasis Egypt safari on Siwa Oasis the most important and most famous oasis in the Western Desert.

Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s most outlying settlements. It is located 560 km from Cairo. the citizens of Siwa speak a distinct language.

farming is the main activity of modern. Handicrafts like basketry are also of regional importance. Tourism has in recent decades become a vital source of income. Live the adventure with Oasis Egypt safari

Bahariya Oasis and Black Desert Of Egypt.

Considered as Bahariya Oasis the From all six oases located closer to Cairo, Egypt’s capital is a wonderful goal. The black hills made up of dolomite and quartzite surrounding the oases make the view stunning.

The view of the hills is robustly stunning. Nothing will amaze you more than the thermal spring found at the Oases perceived to bear restorative and medicinal characteristics by the locals. Know with us in Oasis Egypt safari

Black Desert

The Black Desert is one of the most important landmarks of the Bahariya oasis. The Black Desert is a desert located in Egypt in the New Valley Governorate, the Black Desert is a little far north of the White Desert, but it is closer to the Bahariya Oasis than the Farafra Oasis; It is approximately 50 km south of Al-Bawiti.

The mountains eroded, covering the desert with a layer of black powder and rocks, giving the place its name. And at the edge of the black desert, there are black volcanic hills that erupted in past ages and produced a volcanic substance called jasper, which is the material from which the black rocks are formed.

Climb up the English mountain, which is the highest peak in the Black Desert, and you will enjoy an enchanting view of this strange landscape. Live with us the adventure in Oasis Egypt safari

Know with us in oasis Egypt safari on Features The Black desert is characterized by isolated hills, which are the most important features of the landscape, which distinguish the Bahariya depression from other desert depressions.

The hills are scattered like an archipelago of islands forming what is known as the Black Desert, and these hills vary in their sizes, formations, heights, and shapes, some of them are dark in color consisting of Deloitte and “iron quartzite”.

And some of them are reddish in color as the surface rocks are made of iron sandstone, and as for a few of these hills, they are made of white limestone.

On the outskirts of the Black desert, there are black volcanic and glowing hills, which cast special magic on the area at sunrise and sunset,

but on lunar nights, and when the full moon is completed, that desert appears as an oil painting of an environmental resort in the clouds, and at its end are black volcanic hills that chronicle the date of the eruption of volcanic materials,

Dark in color is called “Dolerite”, which is the “Jurassic” period, which dates back 180 million years, and this is due to the formation of black rocks.

Al-Marsous” mountain

The “Al-Marsous” mountain is the most famous mountain in the Black desert. It is a volcanic crater completely covered with volcanic jasper material, which is distributed beautifully on the mountain as if it draws the wrinkles of time on its face and gains the dignity and prestige of history,

The “Panorama Mountain” is used by Visitors to the Black Desert to climb to take panoramic images of the Black Desert from the highest point, and from here it was called Mount Panorama. Live with us the adventure in Oasis Egypt safari

“Mount of the English”,

As for the “Mount of the English”, it is the most famous of all and is considered a historical tourist destination, to which tourists go to visit the remains of ruins dating back to the First World War.

At its summit, they could discover any infiltration of the enemy forces’ personnel, and this is what made Captain Wilms of the English army order the construction of a building consisting of three rooms and a bathroom with the aim of monitoring the Libyan Senussi forces that were attacking the oasis at that time.