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Questions Others Have Asked About White Desert Egypt?!

Discover White Desert With Oasis Egypt Safari

Where is The White Desert Egypt?

Why is The White Desert Egypt important?

What is The White Desert Egypt made of?

Why is The White Desert White?

How far is The White Desert Egypt from Cairo?

Is there anything in The White Desert Egypt?

Where is the White Desert Egypt?

White Desert National Park is a national park in Egypt, first established as a protected area in 2002. It is located in the Farafra depression, 45 km north of the town of Farafra.

Why is the White Desert Egypt important?

The White Desert Egypt is justifiably the most well-known desert destination in Egypt – and for a good reason. The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unequaled in any desert in the world.

What is the white desert made of?

The snow-white desert is actually made of chalk that has been exposed for years to what geologists call “differential weathering,” the erosion of soft particles that results in eerie protrusions of hard rock. These mushrooms shaped rock formations are ten to fifteen feet tall.

Why is the White Desert White?

White Desert Egypt (known as Sahara el Beyda, with the word Sahara meaning a desert). … The desert has a white, cream color and has massive chalk rock formations that have been created as a result of occasional sandstorm in the area.

How far is the white desert from Cairo?

about 370 km

Located in the Farafra depression, a small section of Egypt’s vast the Western Desert, The White Desert Egypt is located about 370 km south-west of Cairo.

Is there anything in the White Desert Egypt?

Like the Great Sand Sea region, there are no actual locations in the White Desert Egypt . There’s actually even less to see here, as that region at least had a handful of bandits in it. There is absolutely no reason to come here unless you’re trying to defog the entire map.

Trips with Oasis Egypt Safari group,White Desert Egypt

It’s White Desert Egypt – a national park located in Egypt that is 45 km ( north of the town of Farafra), White Desert Egypt A main and bestead geographic magnetization of Farafra.

as well as, Part of the park is in the Farafra Oasis (New Valley Governorate).the the main draw of which is its rock type colored from snow-white to cream.

The White Desert Egypt is the best elude anyone can have, Company Oasis Egypt Safari offers :

Tours Package to Bahariya oasis and Western desert Egypt. where you will be able to explore and live Adventure and relaxing.

White Desert Egypt…Oasis Egypt Safari travel experience Enjoyable With White Desert Egypt

Oasis Egypt Safari. At the heart of your cultural travel experience, We display some information from reliable sources that, White Desert Egypt Safari Composed layers of rock by marina fauna when the ocean dried up.

the bestead adventure tours designed by a specialized voyage agency
Oasis Egypt Safari in trips safari Egypt ( western desert – white desert Egypt – desert White Desert Egypt |Oasis Egypt Safari travel experience Enjoyable WITH White Desert Egypt– Bahariya oasis ).

Because The landscapes are just as impressive and charming, where come many visitors for watching the drama of both sunset and dawn, opt for brilliant 4 days /3 nights Siwa oasis desert tour with Oasis Egypt Safari.

this voyage White Desert Egypt designed For those who like Adventure to set in the center of Desert Egypt Safari. with us Company Oasis Egypt Safari you will reconnoiter The magic of nature.

Siwa oasis desert

a major the most renowned desert landmarks, first a field of giant ‘mushrooms’, if you want to see more rook information (chicken and camel and rabbit then going back to Bedouin village ( White Desert Egypt Safari Over Day, click here).

Badawiya Hotel Farafra

Egypt high lights7 days 6 nights

Cairo Giza Luxor Aswan Nile cruise


Day 1

Pick you up from the airport to your hotel in Cairo. Then we commence our tour to The Egyptian Museum in Egypt, where we will explore the archaic Egyptians treasures especially the treasures of King Tutankhamun.

Day 2

After having your breakfast, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive the southwest of Giza. Our first view perception will be Sakkara where we will see the complex of King Zoser and perceive how the first pyramid in Egypt had built.

Then we will take our Car to the second stop in Sakkara to see King Titi Pyramid, and enter it from inside to see the burial chamber and watch the amazing Hieroglyphics writing over its walls.

pyramid in Egypt

As well as, We will explore some of the Nobles’ tombs who were living during King Titi time. As well we will see discern a substantial amount of Pyramids and tombs around this area.

Then we will drive to Memphis, The Open Air Museum of the oldest Capital in Egypt. We will visually perceive the great Colossi of King Ramses II & The Alabaster Sphinx, “The Alabaster Sphinx” which was discovered in 1912.

Also, Then we will drive to the north for around 30 mins, once we arrive at Giza Area, We will stop at the papyrus museum, where we will learn about the oldest and the most vigorous paper in history.

discovers of the bestead Ancient Egypt, As well as, we are going to see the process of making it and the guide there will demonstrate to us the most serious stories which we had discovered on them.


The Best Trips White Desert Egypt Start Here! Right Traveller

Egypt’s Hidden Treasures “White Desert Egypt” – Travelstart Egypt

and you will get an opportunity in case you relish to buy something, submerge yourself in the quotidian life of Archaic Egypt, Visiting all the main attractiveness.

Immerse yourself in the circadian life of old Egypt. Then we will drive to the great pyramid and we will get time to climb some few stones of it and take some photos.

Then we will drive through the pyramids to a spot called the Panoramic view where you can do the best photos from there. You will get some time in case you relish to do a camel ride.

Then We will visually perceive the queen’s pyramids then we will drive to the valley temple where we will visit The Great Sphinx, The oldest and most sizably voluminous statue for a Sphinx.

Day 3

After getting your breakfast, we will check out and go to the airport to fly to Aswan. when once we arrive at Aswan city, we will commence our tour to Philae Temple. Egypt antediluvian which located in the middle of the Nile.

Oasis Egypt Safari. Now you can be feeling relish and delectation your safaris, with us because, bestead of On vacation We will utilize a Motorboat to reach there, relish then we will get a walkthrough it then.

As well as visit the most renowned site there will drive to The High Dam, to get a very good view of the Nile and ken about its story. Then we will back to spend the night on the Nile Cruise.

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Day 4

On safaris amazing, We will start very early driving around 300 km south of Aswan to visit one of the bestead temples in Egypt which was had been carved inside the mountain, Abu Simple Temples.

now you can Explore the archaic sites along the Nile, Then we will peregrinate to our Nile cruise which will commence sailing to the north towards Luxor. On the way in the evening time, it will stop at Komombo temple

As well as what we do see now bestead Where we are going to see one of the beautiful temples which build during the greek-roman period at the crocodile’s museum. Then the Nile Cruise will start sailing again.

Day 5

On the fifth-day on a trip with Oasis Egypt safari, we will then Arriving Edfu, The Nile Cruise will stop and we will take board a ‘caleche’ a horse carriage for around 20 mins through Edfu city till we reach the temple.

thereafter When we arrive at the temple. we will go through its Immensely colossal Pylons exploring the astounding paintings of God Hours temple Archaic Egyptian Art till we reach the holy of the holies.

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Then we will go back will sail again till reaching Luxor by the afternoon time, When We arrive at Luxor, we will commence our first tour there to Luxor temple and Karnak temple, the most immensely colossal one in the size

As well as where we will see the huge columns, really as bestead trip and the huge obelisks.

The sphinx avenue is just one of several historical sites in Luxor. For White Desert Egypt more tours please click here.

Day 6

We will check out after getting our breakfast and will start our tour to the west bank of Luxor where we will visit a lot of sightseeing there. Our first stop will be Memnon Colossi “Pharaoh Amenhotep”.xyz

Oasis Egypt Safari. for more discoveries about Temples, White Desert Egypt clicks here.

As well, then we will visit Queen Hatshepsut temple, which is part of it was carved in the rock and the rest was built in three levels.

Then we will visit the valley of the kings” is the ancient burial ground of many of Egypt’s”

At the Valley of Kings Additionally, we will explore some of its tombs and the astounding colored walls with the scenes of the book of the dead is an ” Egyptian antediluvian” funerary text generally indicated on papyrus. Then we will fly back to Cairo and spend the night there.

Day 7

We will check out the hotel and start our walking tour through the local market,

Khan El Khalily where you can explore the old part of the city and get some souvenirs then we will drive to the airport.

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The Itinerary includes

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  • 5 stars Deluxe Nile Cruise full board in Aswan & Luxor (3 meals per day).
  • All the tours are private with a professional Egyptology English Guide & Photographer.
  • All the transfers which are mentioned, the airport pickups & train stations.
  • The entrance fees of the sightseeing areas.
  • A Flights for the two was (Cairo-Aswan & Luxor-Cairo)
  • All the parking fees everywhere.
  • All the transfers are with Deluxe A/C comfortable Cars & Vans.
  • The Itinerary excludes:
  • Optional tours.
  • The tipping

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