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Western Desert Egypt

The Western Desert Egypt is mostly rocky, it has quartz-rich sand from the Western Desert near Sakkara, Egypt. it lies to the west against the Libyan border, a great space for Western Desert safari.

The western desert safari Egypt covers an area of(680,650 km2) about 700,000 square kilometers which is two-thirds of the land area.

Its highest elevation is 3,300 ft (1000m) in the Gilf Kebir plateau to the far south-west of the country, on the Egypt-Sudan-Libya border, western desert Egypt It has been the scene of conflict in modern times, categorically during the Second World War.

The Western Desert Egypt Climate

Temperatures in spicy deserts (western desert egypt ) may reach 38°C (100°F) or more. Deserts receive less than 25 centimeters (10 inches) rainfall per year.

As well as Gelid deserts have short, moist, and moderately warm summers. The winters are long and cold.

as well as live in western desert egypt the Desert Locust. Desert Locust hopper bands and adults swarms composed and were controlled three months after the rains in the spring of 1995.

Since then, there has been an incrementation in the number of reports of grasshoppers and locusts from incipiently established agricultural schemes at Sharq Oweinat and Tushka.

We have lots of Astonishing of safari and sightseeing such as :

Fayoum oasis 1 Day / 1 Night

1 Day TOUR Egypt safari

Safari Egypt. At 06:00 in he morning, your personal guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo for an indelible day tour to Fayoum Oasis.

Fayoum Oasis Egypt Safari has situated about 95 km from Cairo. Upon advent in Fayoum, you will relish a visit to Karanis which is the ruin of an old city, this sublime oasis would be worth it.

Gilf El-Kebir Western Desert Egypt

Western Desert
Western Desert Egypt

Incipient revelations perpetuate to be made, with controvertibly the single finest rock art site in the Sahara, the Foggini-Mestekawi Cave, being discovered only in 2002.

The Gilf Kebir is known for its prehistoric Neolithic petroglyphs. It is now thought that the early dwellers in Egypt inhabitants who engendered these stunning images influenced early Pharaonic cultures, and trade items have been discovered that demonstrate the links shared by these early peoples.

also, In certain locations one can still find Mesolithic arrowheads littering the sands, astronomically immense natural amphitheaters and, some claim, the lost oasis of Zerzura.

Gilf El-Kebir Western Desert Egypt With it wonderful beauty

now Explore the good and new Life, One of the most Astonishing sightseeing in western desert egypt is Gilf El-Kebir, Gilf Kebir Plateau lies in the heart of the eastern part of the astronomical Sahara Desert, and, thus, gets some of the most extreme climates on Earth.

Gilf Kebir has become a fairly popular Egyptian tourist manget for the more adventurous peregrinations, not just for the rock art and perhaps a chance to make a neophyte discovery, but withal for the sheer grandness of the landscape. It withal shows how varied are the Egyptian antiquity sites.

The White Desert

Western Desert
Western Desert Egypt

Most visitors to Farafra Oasis western desert Egypt go there to visually perceive the White Desert, el-Sahara el-Beida, the area to the north-east of Qasr al-Farafra which is renowned for its spectacular scenery.

this trip designed For those who like Adventure to set in the center of Desert Egypt Safari. with us Company Oasis Egypt Safari you will reconnoiter The magic of nature, The chalk-white landscape is strewn with alien shapes.

where you will be able to relax in the paradise of Safari desert at night where A sky full of stars and music, enjoyment natural bliss charm. has located 45 km (28 mi) north of the town of Farafra in The Western desert Egypt.

Bahariya Oasis

Western Desert Egypt safari
Western Desert Egypt

The valley is circumvented by mountains as well as its numerous springs.

Located in Giza Governorate, the main economic sectors are agriculture, iron ore mining.

and tourism and The main agricultural products are guavas, mangos, dates, and olives.

Bahariya itself is not that impressive. The main town of Bawiti is plenary of squat buildings of modern construction

Further from the town center, the construction turns to more traditional mud-brick and the palm groves which become more evident

Dakhla Oasis

Western Desert Egypt safari
Western Desert Egypt

In Neolithic times, Dakhla was the site of an astronomical lake, and rock paintings show that elephants, zebras and ostriches wandered its shores. In Pharaonic times, Dakhla retained several settlements and was a fertile land engendering wine, fruit and grains.

The slumping mud-brick villages and palmaries, speckled with sultry springs, that circumvent Mut capture the essence of slow-paced oasis life and are some of the Western Desert’s most evocative sights.

there’s plenty of places to visit in Dakhla Oasis such as :

Farfara Oasis

Western Desert Egypt

The oasis of Farafra is a triangular-shaped fertile depression to the north-west of Dakhla and roughly mid-way between Dakhla and Bahariya, with the impenetrable Great Sand Sea bordering the region to the west. Since 1958 Farafra has been part of the Wadi el-Gedid or ‘New Valley’, but in antediluvian times it was kenned as Ta-iht or the ‘Land of the Cow’

Deir Al Haggar

This renovated sandstone temple is one of the most consummate Roman monuments in Dakhla

Western Desert
Western Desert

The temple of Deir el-Hagar represents one of the most consummate Roman monuments in Dakhla Oasis. Olaf Kaper of the Dakhla Oasis Project suggests that this isolated site was a festival temple rather than a cult temple, which is more conventionally found in the center of a community.

Dedicated mainly to the Theban Triad and to Thoth, construction of the temple commenced during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero (AD 54-68), whose cartouche can be optically discerned in the sanctuary. It was built to embolden farmers to settle in the area, along with irrigation works, villages and the mudbrick Roman farmsteads that can still be visually perceived in the area circumventing the temple.

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