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Desert Egypt – Explore Egypt

Deserts in Egypt are split into two, the Eastern Desert and the Western Desert. Join now the adventure of desert Egypt safari and relax with our company Oasis Egypt Safari.

Oasis Egypt Safari ( Explore Egypt ). First, we start with The Eastern Desert :

The Eastern Desert

It’s located in the southeast of the Nile River delta east of Egypt, which also dubs the ‘Arabian Desert’.

And it makes up 21% of Egypt  Which is a very big number comparing to how big Egypt is, it the elevated mountain topmost in Egypt.

The Eastern Desert doesn’t only begin and end in Egypt, it also comprises and dilates to parts of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Visit ancient Egyptian this is the bestead choice, the Eastern Desert is also renowned for its volcanic-rock mountains that run along the Red Sea Coast.

The desert Egypt – oasis Egypt safari, The Eastern Desert also has a lot of Great attractions that magnetize numerous tourists every year along with the Western Desert.

Some of the Eastern desert Egypt attractions are :

•             Monastery of St Anthony

•             Cave of St Anthony

•             Wadi Gimal Protectorate

•             Sharm El Luli

•             Mons Porphyrites

And lots more, But these are the most Famous ones.

Now, we talk about the most exciting part:

Western Desert

which is likely one of the most places that magnetize tourists in Egypt.

Over two-thirds of Egypt is covered by the Western Desert, a starter at the west bank of the Nile the Desert goes through west to Libya and south to Sudan.

An imaginative gleaming landscape in The Sahara is massive as it stretches across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Desert is almost always dry but it rains from time to time making it not always dry, Enjoys adventure tours private in safari, that privately with Oasis Egypt Safari.

The Western Desert has got a lot of attractions such as:

1. Bahariya Oasis, Taking over 2000 sq of the Western Desert.

Bahariya Oasis, It’s in the center of the unforgiving Desert and it has a lot of splendid ruins such as the temple of Alexander the Great.

And many other magnificent churches. The black Desert has earned Bahariya a high rank on the tourist map of Egypt making it a tourist magnet.

You can withal go hiking in the mountains of Bahariya.                  

Arab people Also come from their countries to Bahariya Oasis for treatment

2. Siwa Oasis:

Of course, we can’t forget the Astounding Siwa Oasis with its island that is filled with mineral springs, salt lakes and illimitable Olive and Palm trees, There’s so much to do in Siwa.

You can visit the astonishing Cleopatra pool to take a dip into it, visit its sandy beaches and feel the sand get into your toes as you having ambulation to heaven on authentic heaven on earth.

3. Farfara Oasis:

It’s probably The most isolated oasis in the Western Desert ‘ the Arabian desert’.

Farfara is 37 km away from the famous and astonishing white desert, You can visit the magnificent  Badr Museum or Qasr Al-Farafra to reach sultry springs and El-Mufid Lake. And many other great places.

additionally to the said above about farfara, it’s kenned for I’s local handmade arts and crafts

There are many more splendid amazing places to verbalize about Desert Egypt, such as Dakhla Oasis, Gelf El-Kebir, Kharga Oasis, But this should sum it up to Explore Egypt