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Luxor Day Trip To West Bank


First of all, your expert tour guide will be waiting for you at your hotel, ready to welcome you to Egypt and start your Luxor day trip.

On the commencement of your tour, you will be taken to your private A/C vehicle. Your guide will focus on you and your interests, provide you an insight into Egyptian history and point out the popular landmarks in Luxor.

The tour will start at the West Bank where you will visit the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and many different amazing Ancient Temple Monuments. In the Valley of the kings, you will be taken back in time entering the tombs of the Pharaoh’s that contain painted pillars and walls.

Then to see the Colossi of Memnon. Consisting of two massive monumental statues that represent King Amenhotep III, looking towards the Nile river.

Highlights tours:

1-Temple of the queen Hatshepsut

The temple of Hatshepsut is one of the most beautiful of all temples in ancient Egypt. It is located in Deir el-Bahri (“the monastery of the north”), at the upper end of the valley under the mountain top (and the nature pyramid) “Decent” (today is known under the Arabic name el-Quran – “The Horn”).

It lies directly on the rock, which forms a natural amphitheater around it so that the temple itself seems to develop from the living rock. The design of the temple is reminiscent of that of the death temple of Montuhotep, it’s neighbor.

2- Valley of the Kings

The remote, barren Valley of the Kings was the necropolis of the New Kingdom pharaohs. By digging their tombs deep into the Theban Hills, pharaohs from Tuthmosis I (c.1500 BC) on hoped to stop robbers stealing the priceless possessions buried with them.

It was an unsuccessful strategy. Despite their hidden locations, every burial chamber was raided except for those of Yuya and Tuya (seep 779, and Tutankhamun, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, its glorious treasures still intact.

But for all that, the structures themselves remain, their dramatic corridors and burial chambers stunningly adorned with symbolic accounts of the journey through the underworld and ritual paintings to assist the pharaohs in the afterlife

3-The Colossi Of Memnon

Soaring 18 m (60 ft) into the sky, the two enthroned statues of Amenhotep III are the first monuments most visitors see on arriving in the West Bank.

They originally guarded Amenhotep’s mortuary temple – thought to have been the largest ever built in Egypt -which was plundered for building material by later pharaohs and gradually destroyed by the annual floods.

Once the tour is complete you will be transferred in comfort back to your hotel.

As Luxor is overwhelming with so much to do and explore, please feel free to add or skip any sites mentioned as to adjust the tour to your schedule. Just let us know your requests, it will be our pleasure to accommodate your needs.

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From$45 EGP